A Beginner's Guide to Kayaking | Kayaking 101


Are you ready to dip your paddle into the exciting world of kayaking?

Whether you are seeking adventure or a fun way to stay active, kayaking offers all of it. In this beginners guide, we will dive into what is kayaking, how to get started, what to wear and prepare and best kayak options for beginners.

So what really is Kayaking?

Kayaking is a sport that involves a small watercraft (known as a kayak) and paddle. These small watercrafts come in various size, color and designs ranging from sit-on-top (SUP) to sit-inside, and are propelled forward using a double bladed paddle. You can enjoy this sport on rivers, lakes, oceans and even on whitewater rapids. It is a versatile and thrilling activity for people that are seeking adventure.

How to start on Kayaking?

Its super easy so start with kayaking. Here is a list of steps that will help you tackle your kayaking journey as smooth as possible:

1. Take Beginner's Lesson: When starting kayaking, one must consider signing up for a kayaking 101 lesson. Professional instructors can teach the proper paddling techniques, safety procedures, essential skills to navigate different water conditions and maneuvers.

2. Choosing the right kayak that suits you: Selecting the right kayak is very crucial for your enjoyment and comfort. For starters, it is advisable to start with a stable and easy to handle kayak. Sit-on-top kayaks (SUPs) are among popular choices for beginners due to their stability and accessibility.

3. Practicing the basic skills: Before going out to your very first kayaking adventure, one must practice the basic skills such as how to paddle forward, turning right and left and how to stop. You must familiarize yourself with the most basic skills and the does and don'ts. Familiarizing with the basic skills help you to control and maintain your balance when you are on water.

4. Start in calm waters: Begin your kayaking journey on a calm, relaxing shallow waters. This will allow you to gain confidence and hone your skills in a safe and comfortable environment before going to more challenging conditions.

5. Safety is a must! : Always prioritize your safety when kayaking. Wear protective gears such as floatation devices. Before dipping in the water, familiarize yourself with the regulations, weather conditions and water current.


What to wear when kayaking?

Choosing the appropriate clothing for kayaking can enhance your comfort and will protect you from dangerous elements. Here is a list of essential items to wear when doing kayaking:

1. Quick drying clothing: When kayaking, choose clothing that are made from moisture-wicking and quick drying materials. Choose clothing that are made from Polyester, Polypropylene, Wool, Nylon, Micromodal, Bamboo. Avoid clothing that are made from cotton, as this material tends to retain moisture and will leave you feeling cold and uncomfortable.

2. Protection from the Sun: Sunglasses with UV protection, large brimmed hats, sunscreen are just sample of products that will help you not get sun burned and will protect you from harmful UV rays.

3. Water Shoes: Investing in water shoes or sandals is a must in water sports. It helps you secure a good grip to protect your feet, provide traction on slippery surfaces and most of all will not keep moisture that may harm your feet and make it smelly.

4. Water proof jacket or windbreaker: Waterproof jackets and windbreakers will keep you stay dry in case of splashes or inclement weather. This will also serve as an additional protection from the sun.

5. Floatation device: Always wear a proper fitted flotation device when doing kayaking. This will ensure your safety while on the water.


Best Kayak for Beginners

When selecting kayak as a beginner it is important to prioritize excellent stability, maneuverability and comfort. Here are some of our picks for beginner friendly kayak's:

1. Aqua Marina LAXO Recreational Kayak. An inflatable kayak that is ideal for exploring lakes and gentle rivers by offering a balance of stability and tracking. Perfect for beginners looking for ease of entry and exit on shorter trips.

2. Aqua Marina Cascade. This hybrid inflatable watercraft takes advantage of both SUP and kayak, being stable, portable and ultra-versatile. It meets the needs of all paddle beginners who want to make their first attempt to embrace the lake, the river and the ocean.

3. Sit-on-Top Modular Pedal Kayak. The Sit-on-Top Modular Pedal Kayak offers a blend of stability, performance, and convenience, making it an ideal choice for solo adventurers or family outings on the water. Its modular design and pedal drive system provide versatility and efficiency for a wide range of water activities.

4. 28GOODS Sit-On-Top Solid Rigid Kayak. This kayak offers cushion padded seat pan and an integrated footrest to accommodate paddlers of different sizes. Offering a great balance and stability, perfect for beginners and professional kayak enthusiasts.

5. Anglefish Sit in Kayak. Built for paddlers and sets the standard for confidence-building stability, comfort, and performance. The sit-in design protects from the elements and lowers the kayak’s center of gravity to further enhance stability.

Embarking on your kayaking journey is an exciting and rewarding experience. By following our tips and recommendations, you will be  well equipped with knowledge and skills to understand and start your paddling adventure.