Join us to build a healthier, stronger community.

We're here to promote Sports and Transform People's Lives!

That's why we dedicate our profits for good. We provide cash grants and form strong partnerships with community organizations and charities to create lasting and meaningful change.

Invest in Health, Benefit Society

We think that looking after our health lets us help others too. 28GOODS gives part of our earnings to programs that help society. When you buy from us, you're making a difference.

Share the Happiness of Sports

We want to introduce the happiness of sports to more people. Donating sporting equipment helps kids and adults get active. Each donation is a promise to help others live healthily, starting wherever they are.

Grow Great People

We believe sports lovers are resilient and show excellence everywhere. Sports don't just create athletes; they create future leaders and innovators. We support these potential stars to excel in life.

Join us to build a healthier, stronger community. Every purchase is a step towards a better world.

Together, let's use sports to change the world.

Sport is an integral part of life. It is indispensable to our daily routines. On holidays, groups gather to cycle on the roads; colorful sails flutter in the wind by the seaside. Radiant smiles accompany the sweat that drips down – these memories are irreplaceable, aren't they?

We believe exercise allows you to rewrite every page of your life!

With this in mind, 28Goods also wants to join in on the journey with everyone. We aim to move forward together with you, sharing the joy and sweat, and at the same time, give back to society.