Bike Sizes for Kids | How to Choose?

Your kid probably wants a bike right now, but you struggle on how and what bike size and brand are gonna buy.

Here are things that would help you determine what bike size are you buying.

1. Wheel Size

The wheel size of a bike correlates to the frame size. A bigger wheel size also means a bigger frame and so on.

2. Your Kid's Height

Kid's height vary quite a bit, some kids are taller than usual and some are smaller. Basing on your kid's height, the best way to determine a bike size is they try the bike and if they can reach the ground comfortably while riding the bike. (You can also look at this Height Range and Wheel size chart if a test rise is not available}


It is also important to grab some safety gears while you scout for your kids very first bike. Helmets, Gloves, Knee Pads that would actually fit based on their size.