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XCAT Sail Mobile Catamaran Boat

Whether sailing, rowing, stand-up paddling or motoring, the XCAT is the perfect multi-sport platform. This boat is simply enjoyed thanks, in part, to its ease of assembly and transport. Simply unload it from your roof rack or truck bed and assemble it in only a few minutes with no tools. The XCAT is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a portable sail or coastal rowboat and aren’t interested in fussing with inflatables or trailers.

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The Émonda SL 6 has all the advantages of an ultra-light carbon road bike, with the added benefit of aero tube shaping that will make you faster on flats and up climbs, too. An ultra smart and smooth SRAM Rival AXS wireless electronic drivetrain, lightweight carbon wheels and an included power meter make this bike a great choice for fast roadies who want every performance advantage.