Folding Bikes | Convenience and Mobility

A convenient, space-saving mode of transportation. Whether you are a commuter navigating through city streets or an adventurer seeking for a great view and adventure, folding bikes offer convenience and versatility. 


What are folding bikes?

Folding bikes or collapsible bikes are bikes that can be folded for easy storage and transportation. These bikes are compact and convenient even when you are commuting in the city. These two-wheeler compact bike comes in different styles and designs ranging from modern to retro classic, ensuring that there is a suitable folding bike that would match your style and preference.


Who needs folding bikes?

Who does not need them anyway? These folding bikes are perfect for urban commuters that are looking to escape traffic. This bike can be used in a vast number of ways, may it be for students to help them navigate to their campus, for adventurers that loves exploring new cities and even a family with very limited space to store mode of transportation. This bike is great for beginners and even intermediate cyclists. 

1. Multimodal Travelers. When you are combining cycling with trains, busses or even airplanes, a folding bike would greatly help you into your travel plans. You can easily fold your bike and hop on and off various modes of transportation without any hassle at all.

2. RV and Boat Owners. Space is a previous commodity when living life on the road or water. Folding bikes provide the perfect solution for exploring new destinations without sacrificing valuable storage space in your recreational vehicle or boat.

3. Urban Commuters: Tired of being stuck in traffic or dealing with crowded public transport? A folding bike offers a convenient way to travel or navigate any city streets, allowing you to bypass congestion and reach your destination with ease.

4. Campers and Enthusiasts. From scenic trails to remote campsites, folding bikes allows outdoor enthusiasts to embark on adventures with ease. Their compact size and portability makes them an excellent companion for exploring nature and discovering hidden gems off the beaten path.



Best folding bikes: Top Picks

Here are some top contenders for mountain bikes with great performance, durability portability and price:

1. Dahon Route 7 . A small Compact 20" folding bike with 7 Speed Settings. An Aluminum frame that only weights 12.2 kg. Its light and portable, you can carry and use it anywhere.

2. Solar FD-800 . Aluminum 20" Folding bike with Shimano 7-Speed Band. Weight is only 12.4 kg.

3. Tern Link Uno . Experience the ultimate urban commuting solution with our compact folding bike, meticulously designed for city life. Enjoy the convenience of easy folding and storage upon reaching your destination, making it the perfect companion for urban environments.

4. DAHON K3 PlusThe K3 PLUS is designed for high endurance on your urban adventures. This showstopper’s 9 speeds, precision disc brakes and ease of folding can adapt and perform wherever your ride takes you.