WAHOO Kickr Move Smart Trainer | A Perfect Solution for Indoor Cycling

Wahoo has been one of the leading brands when it comes to Smart Bicycle Trainers. The Kickr Move is one of the products that every serious or intermediate cyclist needs to own.

Being able for you and your bike to move naturally and comfortably for a more realistic experience is just one of the many key points of owning a Smart Trainer.

KICKR MOVE delivers an a one of a kind ride feel. With built-in, dual axis movement and KICKR’s legendary flywheel technology, KICKR MOVE allows your bike to travel freely when powering through indoor rides and workouts. The result is a more engaging, more comfortable and more realistic riding experience than ever before.


Build Details

The Kickr Move is the same build as its predecessors, its sturdy, sleek and more importantly it MOVES. Same as the 2022 release, it has a metal build with 3 legs and two of which can be fold for easy storage.

The back of the trainer has indicator lights for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Equipped with an auto calibration setting and an internal odometer to help diagnose problems along the way. Also comes equipped with an 11-speed cassette that is ready to roll.


Ride Feel:

Prepare to experience a new level of comfort and real feel as you pedal your way to fitness. By incorporating rocking plates to the trainer, it provides a fore and aft movement into the trainer which makes your ride as realistic as possible.


Experience the Difference

Experience a new indoor cycling journey with the Kickr Move, be prepared for a transformative experience. Feel the thrill of longer, more comfortable rides, powered by cutting-edge technology. Whether you're chasing fitness goals or seeking an escape from the harsh weather conditions outside, the Kickr Move is your ticket to endless adventure, right from your own living room.


With the Wahoo Kickr Move Smart Trainer, the world of indoor cycling has never looked brighter. Embrace the freedom, flexibility, adventure , and fun that comes with indoor training, and let the Kickr Move take your ride to new heights.