GIRO 2022 Bravo JR Kids Gloves
GIRO 2022 Bravo JR Kids Gloves
GIRO 2022 Bravo JR Kids Gloves
GIRO 2022 Bravo JR Kids Gloves

GIRO 2022 Bravo JR Kids Gloves

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Bravo Jr. Glove, crafted especially for young riders to enjoy seamless adventures with mom and dad. Here's why they're the perfect fit:

  • Tailored for Young Riders: Specifically designed for kids' hands, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for every ride.

  • Easy On, Easy Off: Wide-opening uppers make it effortless for children to put on and take off these gloves, allowing for hassle-free transitions.

  • Secure Closure: Featuring a simple hook and loop closure, these gloves stay securely in place during rides, providing peace of mind for both parents and children.

  • Durable Palm: The AX Suede® palm offers durability and just the right amount of padding to reduce impact without compromising grip, ensuring a confident hold on the handlebars.

  • Moisture-Wicking Upper: Constructed with Renew Series™ moisture-wicking materials, including 4-way stretch mesh backhand and Lycra™ fourchettes, these gloves keep hands dry and comfortable throughout the ride.

  • Convenient Wiping Surface: Equipped with a highly absorbent terry loop wiping surface, these gloves offer added convenience for wiping away sweat and maintaining clarity during the ride.

  • Optimized Padding: Featuring an EVA heel pad, these gloves provide additional comfort and support, enhancing the overall riding experience for young cyclists.

Ideal for little riders eager to explore the road or the trail, the Bravo Jr. Glove offers comfort, durability, and performance in one package.

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