Mirage Propel 13 Pedal Kayak

Mirage Propel 13 Pedal Kayak

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Propel pedal drive system that makes LSF kayaks so singularly perfect for fishing. Mirage Propel 13 is the 2nd generation propel pedal kayak. This spacious 13-foot platform uses an advanced PD drive system to provide efficient, quiet propulsion, ideal for fishing!


LENGTH 13ft/3.96m
WIDTH 33”/84.30cm
HEIGHT 15.70″/39.90cm
CAPACITY 374lbs/200kg
FITTED HULL WEIGHT 90.80lbs/41.20kg
FULL-RIGGED WEIGHT 114.60lbs/52.00kg

*Fitted Hull Weight is the weight of the kayak without the seat and the Propel Pedal Drive installed, if applicable. This is the weight that is typically lifted when transporting the kayak.

*Fully Rigged Weight is the weight with the seat and Propel Pedal Drive installed. Typically, the seat and Propel Pedal Drive are installed when the kayak is about to be launched.


  • Propel pedal drive system with FORWARD AND REVERSE
  • Hand-sewn seating with adjustable inseam
  • Left-hand rudder control system
  • Impact-resistant stern rudder
  • Hardshell bow hatch
  • Three flush mount rod holders
  • Four groove tracks for accessory mounting
  • Premium deck padding for standing
  • Propel drive trunk cover with accessory tray and cup holder
  • Dry storage hatch
  • Carry handles
  • Rear storage well
  • Sup seal scupper plugs
  • Drain plug
  • D-ring eyelets


  • Two 360-degree swivel rod holders
  • One paddle
  • One life jacket
  • One motor

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