MKS Sylvan Stream Next Pedals

MKS Sylvan Stream Next Pedals

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Upgrade to the NEXT stage of cycling performance while retaining classic styling with the Sylvan Stream NEXT pedals. Designed as a double-sided pedal similar in size to the Sylvan Track, these pedals feature an aggressive tooth profile on the cage plate for optimal grip in any shoe. Compatible with toe clips and straps, they ensure a secure ride, making them ideal for urban cycling.

Key Features:

  • First major upgrade to the popular Sylvan Stream pedals
  • Premium level of performance while maintaining traditional styling
  • 25 grams lighter than the previous model
  • Triple Sealed Cartridge Bearings for smooth and maintenance-free rotation
  • Replaceable plate fastened with screws for customization
  • Enhanced finish options: high polish chrome plated mirror finish or chrome plated axle with black pedal body and spindle
  • Available with patented Ezy Superior quick release pedal system for easy installation and removal

Experience improved performance and enhanced durability with Sylvan Stream NEXT pedals. Elevate your ride quality and enjoy smoother, more efficient cycling. Order now and take your cycling to the next level

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