MRS Surveyor
MRS Surveyor
MRS Surveyor
MRS Surveyor
MRS Surveyor
MRS Surveyor

MRS Surveyor

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The Surveyor packraft is created to be as lightweight as possible while still retaining the iconic MRS streamlined hull. The centered seating position optimizes the boat's control ability, and the redesigned backrest provides even support while maintaining breathability. MRS opted to prioritize backpacking experience, and the Surveyor is a comfortable and capable packraft that is still lightweight.

Two colors are avaible:

The white Surveyor packraft is made from a special ultralight material that reflects sunlight, which helps to keep the packraft cool in hot weather. As a result, there is less air pressure fluctuations when get in and out of water.

The olive Surveyor packraft has a slightly thicker coating than the white one, which makes it more scratch-resistant. Olive is also a good hiding color, which can be an advantage if you are paddling in areas where you want to be more discreet.

Product Specifications:


  • Outer

  • Length
    268 cm
  • Width
    93 cm
  • Inner

  • Length
    155 cm
  • Width
    37 cm
  • Waterline
    251 cm
  • Waterline breadth
    89 cm
  • Tube Diameter
    28 cm
  • Seat height
    12 cm
  • Maximum paddler weight
    130 kg
  • Maximum capacity
    185 kg


  • Boat (White)
    1950 g
  • Seat (removable)
    190 g
  • Backrest (removable)
    152 g
  • Fin
    86 g
  • Boat (Olives)
    2290 g
  • Inflation bag
    135 g
  • Pack strap
    25 g
  • Tizip airtight zipper (internal storage)

  • Coating thickness 0.07mm (White)210D
  • Coating thickness 0.10mm (light gray)70D
  • Ultra-light and breathable strong mesh
  • Coating thickness 0.10mm (Olives)210D
  • Silicone Coated Fabric CORDURA@ 30D

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